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What is Googel Ads | Describe All Types of Googel Ads using on website | Google Ads -

What is Googel Ads | Describe All Types of Googel Ads using on website | Google Ads -

About Google Ads

Google Ads is an online Advertising Platform for all Advertiser or publishers. Google Ads Developed by Google Company, using this platform to run any person your business ads like Facebook Page, Websites, Shops, Products, YouTube Channels and products of who want to sale online.

What is Googel Ads | Describe All Types of Googel Ads using on website | Google Ads -

Types of Ads

Different Types and Size of Ads are running on Google Ads.

1. Video Ads

2. Display Ads

3. 5 Second Skipable Video Ads

4. Non Skipable video ads

5. Action Ads

6. Infeed Ads

7.In Article Ads

8. Banner Ads

    and different type and size of ads are running for your business.

Video Ads

This Type of ads are using for unfix display ads and using on YouTube videos ads and some time google using video ads on different types of Social Media Platform depending on your Keywords

targeted country and age because some time video ads are limited so Google Adword use ads only targeted country and keywords.

Display Ads

Display Ads is a Simple and low CPC ads this type of ads are used on websites mobile apps and other social platform. display ads show on below.

5 Second Skipable Ads

This Types of ads are used on YouTube Video starting and Video ends but 10 mints plus video using more ads in the video. This type ads CPC are Very High bid for visiter and advertiser pay high bid on 5 Second Video Ads.

Non Skipable video ads

Some time google show non skipable video ads on YouTube starting videos this type of ads are available in low but earning is high.

Action Ads 

Action Ads are used for a specific action like create account, install app, download software, purchase product and different actions this Ads earning is very high.

Infeed Ads

Infeed Ads are used on Website template. Look of infeeds ads are normally a article but this is a article ads this ads CPC and earning is very very high earning and bid. click here and watch infeed ads.

In Article Ads

In article ads are used on website, blog post and article thia ads are video and display ads like a article ads show on below.

Banner Ads

Banner Ads is a Simple ads Like Display Ads this type of ads are show on website and YouTube videos show on below.

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